Learn ADO.NET and Dapper

Learn ADO.NET, Dapper

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ADO.NET provides a rich set of components to access databases.
Dapper is an object–relational mapping product for the Microsoft .NET platform.

What is ADO.NET?

ADO.NET is an acronym that stands for ActiveX Data Object. It is a collection of object-oriented classes that offers a plethora of data elements to build high-performance, dependable, and scalable database applications for client-server applications and distributed settings across the Internet and intranets. ADO.NET serves as a link between the front-end controls and the back-end database. Microsoft introduced ADO.NET (a database technology) in 2002 as part of its .NET framework that can access any data source.

ADO.NET Course for beginners

A developer should be familiar with ADO.NET because it is a fundamental method for accessing data from a source, such as a database. Being a data access technology, ADO.NET ensures relational and non-relational systems are in sync through classes provided by FCL of .NET. In this online course, .NET Bootcamp program will go over several topics that will help you communicate data effectively with SQL server databases. ADO.NET course is right for the one who wishes to become an effective .NET Developer.

Our program provides basic and advanced concepts of ADO.NET, which means it can serve both professional and beginner developers who want to learn ADO.NET step by step from scratch. Furthermore, our program will assist you in learning and applying the obtained knowledge by offering theoretical explanations and a practical learning method with examples.

What is ORM?

ORM stands for object-relational mapping. With ORMs, there is no need to create SQL queries because they provide an object-oriented layer between relational databases and object-oriented programming languages. In addition, ORMs codify interfaces, thereby cutting down on boilerplate and accelerating development. Let's examine two unique ORM products.

  • Entity Framework: Entity Framework is an object-relational mapper that gives .NET developers the opportunity of working with a database using .NET objects. Through it, developers can work with data using objects of domain-specific classes without focusing on the fundamental database tables and columns where the data is stored.
  • Dapper: Dapper is also an ORM product that offers a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database. Its primary function is to reduce a significant portion of relational data of a developer's persistence-related programming tasks. Dapper is in production use at Stack Overflow. The following are the key features of Dapper:
  • 1. Speedy and high performance
  • 2. Fewer lines of code
  • 3. Object mapper
  • 4. Easy handling of SQL query
  • 5. Multiple query support




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